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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

..managing emotions..

Topic of the day : Managing your emotions..

>Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage our emotions and those of others.
>The first step is to understand how our own emotions affect how we think and act.
>Also vitial to understand how our emotions affect others.
>Become more aware of other people's emotions, what impact they have on how they behave and on how we feel.
>Don't manipulate or suppress feelings. Understand, support and channel emotions as productively as possible.
>We think we are aware of our feelings, personal traits, strengths and weaknesses, but we are actually more aware of our failings than our good points.
>Why? Because the good we do comes naturally for us so we take it for granted and discount it by saying it was nothing or by saying surely everyone does that.
>You can't manage how you feel about things unless you are fully aware of both sides of yourself - good and not so good.
>Some people over emphasize their bad points and others are so good at defending themselves, without realizing it that they are always in denial.

Steps to managing emotions more successfully :

Understanding your emotions
Controlling your
happy are you?
Managing stress
Coping with
Being less
Burning the
candle at both ends?